Our last stem cell treatment was this past June following the one we did in December 2015.  Although the doctors and care in Cancun were wonderful, we unfortunately haven’t seen any positive results.  Our physician here in the states was surprised and disappointed in the lack of results, seeing that the therapy should have produced a positive outcome.  My diagnosis went from relapsing/remitting to progressive, which means that the symptoms are getting progressively worse.  The majority of MS patients (85%) have relapsing MS.  The greatest difficulty for me right now is that I’m almost wheelchair bound with ever present spasticity, muscle inflammation, tremors, sleeping difficulty, dizziness,  and nausea.   Although this isn’t any fun and at times pretty awful, I’m reminded that everyone has something they are battling, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.  Friends, family, and faith are not a cliche but a formidable foundation to embrace peace and contentment.  Two things you can be praying for me: first, would be the daily battle to hold on to hope, and second, on the practical side we live in a two story home and getting up and down stairs will most likely be impossible in the near future.  The thought of moving is a daunting task.

– Paul H