We are excited to inform you that our home has entered into a new transition phase. As a family, we decided it was best to stay in our current home and make it as user friendly for Paul as possible. Once completed, there will be a bedroom to easily move around in and a bathroom specifically designed to assist him. We wait in eager anticipation for the day when it can be fully utilized.

The start of this project is a huge step and blessing for our family as movement up and down the stairs is getting more and more difficult for Paul each day. Soon it will be nearly impossible, but this bedroom and bathroom will allow us to stay primarily on the first floor; making life much simpler and less worrisome. You can see the outline of what the add-on will look like once it is finished.

About two months ago, Paul started physical therapy at Spero Rehab. It has been a great weekly event and something for him to look forward to. It is hard work and exhausting each time he goes, but he is enjoying the staff and their encouragement. They are so joyful and compassionate in everything they do. It provides a spark of energy to both Paul and I when we go.

As always, we’re thankful for your constant prayers and support! We look forward to keeping you updated on the changes in our family and in the short-term, to our home.

Krystal Helbig


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